Bostin Baps

A quest for a decent sausage sandwich lead to the acquisition of the shop in October 2012. The shop was already called Bostin Baps and after much deliberation we decided to keep it. A rapid re-vamp followed and the new Bostin Baps opened its doors in November 2012.

How did the quest for a decent sausage sandwich end? Well we pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality ingredients for our sandwiches and after much searching we found a butcher who would make all our sausages for us. So if you like a decent sausage and not the cheap catering sausage so beloved of other sandwich shops we could name (and we tried more than a few) pop in and try them - we like them so will you!

We are proud that we have been awarded the much coveted 5 Star hygiene rating from Dudley Council. This award is a reflection of the high standards of food hygiene practices and procedures you can expect from us.