Buffet Connections

We provide business lunches, private function buffets and lunch and breakfast catering to a wide variety of customers in and around Portsmouth, Fareham, Southsea and can extend as far as Southampton, Fareham, Petersfield and Havant - please contact us to confirm your area if required. We have built strong relationships with our existing customers because we have the flexibility to tailor our service to their catering needs and budget.

We realise that quality, service and reliability are vital, as it has been proven that a good lunch can be a real deal clincher. Our staff arrive as early as 5am to ensure your buffet lunch is as fresh as possible. All buffets are created the same day that they are delivered; your food will not be sitting in refrigerators for hours or overnight before being delivered to you.

We are certain that you will be very satisfied with the quality of every buffet every time as our food is consistently produced to our high standard.