Keeniegee Catering Services

Keeniegee catering services (KCS) is owned and run by Kenny, a talented chef with great passion for cooking delicious and hygienically prepared healthy food. Kenny has been catering for events unofficially for family and friends since 1999 and decided to go full time into catering in 2007 after several people close to her encouraged her to explore and take full advantage of her God giving talent. Since September, 2007 when the business officially started, the Keenieegee catering team has grown from strength to strength catering for so many social events including; weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, naming ceremonies and baby shower all over the United Kingdom. Our food is not only delicious as most of our clients will say but, we always ensure that they are hygienically prepared. We also care about the health of our clients and their guests which is why we are so in love with organic food.