Liberty Asian Catering Service

A wholesome table is set at our cosy dine-in location, bringing out the aromatic cuisine with all-in- one mouth-watering appeal. Now be scrumptiously moved as you eat our elegant and exquisite appetizers and main meals, and your taste buds tantalize with exotic flavours and your mouth is captivated with deliciousness. In short, be ready for the food-full venture.

Our cooks have been the dedicated pioneers in inventing some of the tasteful and well-dressed meals that you'll find nowhere else. Having an experience of almost two decades, our chefs are the brightest in the cookery business. Lahori food is just like a magic charm in their hands. The perfect ingredients blend and a stirring spoon, which is enough to prepare the traditional sweet n' spicy edibles for you.

Letting you eat in a theme-based food place, we offer many scummy starters and desserts to keep your in-between cuisine much more enjoyable and the star of the show.