Our menus are created from a desire to deliver exemplary food from the finest of ingredients. Our options are seasonal as we believe this to be the basis from which to build a tempting and tasty menu. Wherever possible Potlatch fare is homemade, including our breads, pastry cases, jams, chutneys and pickles. By doing this we guarantee quality and endeavour to uphold traditional values whilst providing a contemporary service.

We are Suzanne and Ben, the family behind Potlatch. We are passionate about food, produce, traditional values and life. Born from an overwhelming passion for food and a desire to work creatively, our philosophy is simple.

Traditionally Potlatch gatherings were an opportunity for Native Americans to demonstrate and distribute wealth through the gift-giving of food and other material objects. They marked milestone occasions such as weddings, births and other major life events and were celebrated through song and dance.