Roachs Roaster

At Roach's Roaster, we believe that a good hog roast is about more than just delicious, slow-cooked pork. It goes without saying that we'll take immense pride in providing top quality, tasty meat for your special occasion. But as well as the food, you and your guests will love the whole hog roast experience, which is a fun alternative to traditional catering options. And it's not just our succulent hog roasts that we're known for. You may also be tempted by our equally appetising silverside beef, cured ham and turkey, which is why we offer you the option of selecting a combination of meats for your event.

We have fully-trained, experienced staff available to carve and serve the meats, together with freshly-baked bread rolls and a full range of condiments such as apple sauce. We're based at Chapel Farm in Hatherton, just outside Nantwich, in Cheshire, and the business is run by Richard Roach, with help from his wife Rachael.