Slater & Reeves Catering Birmingham

Birmingham catering Company Slater & Reeves is the West Midland's leading business caterer offering professionally prepared office food and a dedicated service from our Birmingham based branch. We have many years of experience in providing businesses with enjoyable food of the very best quality. Our food generally is supplied to business meetings, business events and as office catering and we pride ourselves on giving you the choice - unlike other caterers, we don't set the menu for you, we leave the decision to you. This way you can combine the foods that you want instead of choosing from a stale and uninspiring list of foods. Birmingham Catering at its finest.

We're not a sandwich outlet, we are much more than that! Our team aren't carrying out deliveries from a shop, we are preparing fresh food from our branch using our dedicated chefs and delivering excellence in catered food.

Here at Slater & Reeves our aim is to find out exactly what you want.