Fait Maison Perfume Factory
Fait Maison cater for events large and small birthday parties, weddings, christenings, lunches and dinner parties. We are truly committed to creating the freshest, most delicious food that is healthy,
Florence's Fancies
Cake is a symbol of celebration, whether we are celebrating your best mate graduating, the uniting bond of marriage, the birth of a bouncing new baby or simply celebrating the fact that you have a few
Elizabeth Cuisine London 07468625233
Elizabeth Catering is an exciting and innovative catering company run by Elizabeth Munteanu and her team, covering a wide range of locations in London, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Sussex. Executive Chef
Alistair-Hugo Catering & Events
Since we were earthed and birthed in 2000 our food has been highly nurtured and well natured. Our service has grown and matured into one of London's prime, meaty, yet tender caterers. Our ingredients

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