Cay Tre
What a lot of posh for the dosh! Finely textured yet firm and succulent. There isn't a meat dish on our menu which doesn't fancy it (except maybe the flaming beef). Cây Tre is Hoxton's favourite
Figaro Trading
Figaro Trading Limited was formed in 1960 with the opening of Figaro in Moorfields, London. Since then Figaro has opened several other catering units and the largest Tapas restaurant and bar in the
Delivered by the founders of Sabor restaurant in Islington, Casa Sabor now offers private catering and event management in your own home, office or party venue. We specialize in the supply of the
Choosing a contract caterer and site services partner you can trust absolutely to look after the people who matter most to your organisation is a big decision. The field is full of contract caterers,
Kudos Delivered
Kudos Delivered is passionate about delivering great food and making our clients happy. From either your initial online order, or your enquiry phone call, we put our heart and soul into creating and
Tom Hixon
Based in Smithfields Market, London, Tom Hixson provides the UK with high quality meats sourced from all corners of the world delivered straight to your door.

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