Taffys Cafe & Catering
Taffys Cafe & Catering is situated in the Lower Ground floor of The Feel Good Factory, it is open to the public from 8.30am - 3.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 3.00pm on Friday serving a variety
Mrs Jones Caters
Based in the heart of Cardiff, we are operating an independent, family-run and family-inspired catering company called Mr Jones Catering. We are proud to deliver exceptional quality of services to our
Town & Country Catering
For almost three decades we at Town & Country Catering are providing our clients with primer quality outdoors and indoors catering services and outstanding delicious food. We have worked with a great
Tastier Catering
Having a wonderful experience in the catering industry worth 10 years and award-winning, 5-star quality of service, we can definitely be called your best catering solution in the heart of Wales. What
Cordon Bleu Catering
We are an independent, family-run business that follows the traditions and values inspired by the family. We are providing an outdoor catering services to our clients based in Llandudno and we
Catherine & Michael John
Large or small, corporate or private, weddings or birthdays, we at Catherine & Michael John Catering are providing all our clients with an outstanding service and always exceeding their expectations.
Finest 3 Catering
Two of the best local caterers now work together in order to create Finest 3 Catering, the company that provides you with outstanding service and a finger-licking food! The wealth of experience of
Fresh Bites Catering
Fresh Bites Catering specialises in exactly what our name suggests – always fresh, daily made, healthy and very delicious food. Our food and menu options add spice and taste to every events, no
Ej Catering
We are making exactly what food for the soul stands for, because we are putting our hearts, souls and passion into the food we are preparing for our clients. We are proud to be a catering service with
Buffet Caterers Torfaen
We are a Torfaen based catering company that gathers under an umbrella people with professional and passionate approach to the business as well as real and true talents in culinary and hospitality.
D Evans Catering Services
D Evans Catering is specialising in buffet catering we provide you with directly to wherever you want, at a venue of your choice. We are specialists at a great variety of culinary approaches and
The Raspberry Tea Room
We are a company based in Torfaen South Wales and we are providing a great variety of clients from the surrounding area with an outstanding catering, hospitality and food delivery services. Our
Bon Appetit
We are an independent, family-owned and family-run baguette bar that specialises in tasty breakfasts and warm and fresh lunches we serve the local community and local businesses with. We know very
Food Street Caterers Cardiff
When it comes to catering services, we at Food Street Caterers Cardiff can be called a bit old fashioned. Why? It is because we appreciate the core values of the business and always approach each
Cresta Caterers
We are more than proud and glad to announce our 50th year in the catering business. Fifty great years of us gathering a lot of experience and understanding about people’s tastes and preferences and
Business Lunch
Whenever you are looking for a reliable, comprehensive and professional corporate catering service in Cardiff and surrounding areas, we at Business Lunch will help you and take care of your needs,
JOL's Food
Inspired by traditional, classic Welsh dishes and by delicious food that is made with a lot of passion and soul in general, JOL`s Food offers to all clients an impressive symphony of flavors, tastes
Just Perfect Catering
We are a Wales` leading catering and hospitality service contractor with a great experience and understanding for people`s needs and desires. We strive to create food that is special and contemporary,
La Creme
La Crème is established by an award-winning patisserie professionals. Our main philosophy is the importance of good and delicious food, especially when it comes to desserts. Good desserts are totally
Busy Bee
We at Busy Bee will be more than glad to help you have your event, celebration and even business meeting run smooth and all your guests feel good. While we take charge and pay attention to all details